Volunteering to speak to a class is one way you can support the University of Florida.
  • Make UF a beneficiary on your 401K or life insurance plan.
  • Help students learn by donating updated software or computers.
  • Give your boat or yacht to UF through the vessel donation program.
  • Make an agricultural gift. From cattle to corn, the College of Veterinary Medicine and IFAS could benefit.

Get Involved

  • Inspire students and faculty by passing on historical materials to UF libraries.
  • Support UF through a bequest, by leaving possessions or proceeds in a will.
  • Select a UF tag when you renew your license plate. Proceeds support programs and scholarships.
  • Give stocks or bonds as an easy way to fund programs, research or scholarships.
  • Find out whether your company has an employee matching gift program. Your employer may double or even triple your gift.